Sunday, August 23, 2020

this wont wok effectivly!

here is a pic of what we found prior to the fix.

aug 2020 maintenance done

Brent(VE7REN)& Frank (VE7PBF)made the ascent up the hill today.
Upon arrival they had found the spare antenna top element had swung 90 deg to the lower. Frank and Brent realigned the elements and repositioned the antenna 5 degrees north of the current main antenna, along with re-plumbing the antenna back into a nice stright verticle position.
also done...... a new coax was installed between the switch and filter to eliminate some extra fittings that were on the old one,along with a new thermostat and testing done by frank to verify the heater is working, and yes it is. it is now set at 4 deg celcius
we are sure the old one was off......

Photos - Brent VE7REN.


Friday, March 13, 2020



While the world is collectively losing their feces over a virus that is rapidly spreading and has now been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) Amateur Radio Operators are scientifically declared one of the lowest risk groups regardless of age or country of residency to suffer this plague.

Yes COVID-19 arrived early in my email inbox this morning when the news of RF Systems suspending all sales until March 25 shattering my radio world.  All professional North American sports leagues from hockey to soccer postponed indefinitely.  But late this afternoon a sliver of hope emerged against this apocalyptic back drop.

Scientists have shown that Amateur Radio operators are one of the lowest likely groups to suffer mass infections of COVID-19 due to a lifetime of practising Social-Exclusion.  Yes the awkward lack of eye contact and physical contact is a huge asset to avoiding infection as is the hours of isolation in front of a glowing transceiver.  Lack of hygiene is really not a factor here if the Ham has embraced the social isolation that is rampant in this hobby.  The longer the contest or more complex the coding required for a new Raspberry Pi SDR the less likely over the next 7-14 days there will be any risk what so ever of the plague wiping out the ranks of Radiodom.

Sleep well my friends and CQ to save your life and, more importantly, the lives of others.