Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

new repeater on okanagan mtn park. oliver to sicamous/ armstrong coverage!

Kelowna’s 147.000+ T88.5/88.5 Is On the Air – Open to All
Orchard City Amateur Radio Club (Kelowna) is pleased to announce the re-establishment of the former Crystal Resort repeater the new location on Okanagan Mountain. This is the result of the relentless persistence of club member Fred Schrod, VA7UN.
On September 20, 2019 the club’s 20” shipping container, communication building, newly repainted, was trucked to the site. The next two days were spent setting up the can on permanent blocking, antenna installation as well as some radio equipment. On Sept 27th, back up power was hooked up. (The acquisition of electrical power was not expected in such a short time frame, so the site was designed for solar with electrical power for back up if and when). Club members have provided in excess of 300 man hour to the project to date, which more to be expended in the spring
This picture was taken September 30, 2019 by Fred, VE7UN, who has been the main push behind this project for the last 3 plus years and who has done an yeoman's job on the whole project.
Numerous other club members have aided in getting to this stage, including the painting of the can, the pre-move preparation, the physical move, the blocking of the can on permanent blocks, burying of electrical cable and the installation of much hardware.
This picture is taken from a position looking generally NW. Solar panels has been mounted on each of the south facing doors of the can. Some of the antennas are presently in temporary locations.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

saturday september 28th

herman says......if I can do it ,you can too!

we are wanting YOU!!!!

Our club has aprox 30-35 members. We have two 2 meter repeater sites, one on Mount Baldy (VE7RBD – 147.160+) 35km East of Oliver. The mountain is 7,557 feet high,and is linked to a low level repeater 980 feet (147.380+) located 30km south on the outskirts of Osoyoos B.C.The Club meets every Thursday for coffee @ 9:30 am .The 2nd monday of each month@ 7pm is the monthly meeting .all are welcome.Anybody with an interest in Shortwave Radio, Digital and Satellite Communications and/or Electronics or just curious about Amateur (Ham) Radio is welcome to join. The club will soon be offering a Basic Amateur Licence Qualifications course for those interested in obtaining an Amateur Radio Licence.find us on cessna road behind the airport in the search and rescue building..

Monday, September 23, 2019

baldy work done for winter.

update-Saturday sep 21/2019
ve7ren and ve7pbf endured the atv trip to the top of baldy to install the new controller operated latching antenna switch. this allows the selectability of two different antennas on baldy,incase of failure.along with the switchwork and wiring,we plugged off some of the existing holes in the shack. spray foam and new patch aluminum was used. the temperature sensor was re-routed,and a protective shield installed. we have got the shack the best it has ever been since being installed on the hill...both from a weatherproof standpoint,and heat value access temperature DTMF 248. this will respond with indoor and outdoor temps . remember ,THIS is on the top of the hill. not the lodge.the icom repeater is working flawlessly. thanks to va7bjp for the controller work and wiring he has provided,and the club members for their support. here are some pics from Saturday sep 21/2019. before and after. over and out... ve7ren

Saturday, September 14, 2019

baldy update

its that time of year when one must go up the hill and do the winter check.. I will be heading to the top sometime in the next week or so to install the new antenna switch,and give the shack a go-over. some holes need to be repaired with aluminum patches,and the antenna hole plugged with putty.. all is operating well with the repeater.. lets keep it this way..

ve7ren brent ok falls b.c